Unlock Business Growth: 10 Evidence-Based Reasons to Choose J. Denissen CPA’s Fractional CFO Services (4-5 min. read)

10 Reasons to Choose J. Denissen CPA’s Fractional CFO Services

In today’s complex business landscape, having strategic financial leadership is crucial. But not every business can afford a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO). That’s where J. Denissen CPA Fractional CFO services come in. We offer an innovative solution that provides expert financial insights without the high cost.

This article presents ten evidence-based reasons why choosing J. Denissen CPA Fractional CFO services can boost your business’s growth. We are committed to helping you make informed financial decisions and drive your company toward success.

  1. Cost Effectiveness: Fractional CFOs can save businesses significant costs, with studies by the Small Business Administration showing that outsourcing CFO services is more budget-friendly than hiring a full-time CFO. (Source: Small Business Administration (sba.gov))
  2. Increased Confidence Among Stakeholders: CFOs contribute to higher investor confidence, as an Institute of Management Accountants report shows that effective financial management directly influences stakeholders’ trust. (Source: Home | IMA (imanet.org))
  3. Flexibility: Flexibility is paramount in the modern business landscape, as a PwC report highlights how Fractional CFOs adapt seamlessly to businesses’ changing needs. (Source: PwC: Building trust for today and tomorrow)
  4. Enhanced Perspective: Harvard Business Review emphasizes the value of external CFOs in providing unbiased perspectives, enabling businesses to identify opportunities and risks with clarity. (Source: Harvard Business Review – Ideas and Advice for Leaders (hbr.org))
  5. Better Financial Information: Robust financial data is the backbone of informed decisions, as noted by a Financial Executives Research Foundation study, showcasing the CFO’s role in ensuring accurate and timely financial information. (Source: Financial Executives International | Advancing the success of financial executives through information, community and advocacy – FEI)
  6. Improved Operations and Internal Controls: Streamlined operations and internal controls are crucial for efficiency, an aspect highlighted by a report from McKinsey, which emphasizes how Fractional CFOs contribute to optimizing business processes. (Source: Global management consulting | McKinsey & Company)
  7. Increased Productivity: Deloitte’s research confirms that outsourcing finance functions results in higher productivity, enabling businesses to focus on core activities while experts manage financial matters. (Source: Audit, Consulting, Financial Advisory, Risk Management & Tax services and reports | Deloitte Canada)
  8. Specialization and Knowledge: Industry-specific knowledge is a game-changer supported by the National Center for the Middle Market, which showcases the benefits of Fractional CFOs bringing specialized insights to businesses. (Source: National Center for the Middle Market: Leading Middle Market Resource (middlemarketcenter.org))
  9. Trusted Team Member: Fractional CFOs become integral parts of businesses, aligning financial strategy with objectives, as a study from the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants mentioned. (Source: AICPA & CIMA | AICPA & CIMA (aicpa-cima.com))
  10. Better Decision Making: Informed decisions drive growth, supported by Gartner’s findings that businesses with experienced financial guidance are more adept at making strategic decisions. (Source: Gartner | Delivering Actionable, Objective Insight to Executives and Their Teams)


Experience the power of J. Denissen CPA Fractional CFO services – where financial expertise meets proven benefits. Our cost-effective solutions and unwavering commitment to stakeholder trust have been extensively documented. By partnering with us, you gain financial guidance and access to data-driven strategies that can reshape your business’s financial trajectory. Step into a prosperous and empowered business journey with J. Denissen CPA Fractional CFO services.

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