Strategic CFO Services: Cash Flow Drivers

Introduction Three fundamental financial metrics—revenue, profit, and cash flow—play pivotal roles in determining the fate of SMBs. In this article, we’ll explore Cash Flow Drivers, their definitions, and how they impact the growth and sustainability of your business. Details about the other drivers can be found here: Strategic CFO Services: Revenue Drivers Strategic CFO Services: […]

How analyzing your data unlocks the potential of your business

The definition of success for a business can vary depending on the organization’s goals, values, and stakeholders. However, in general, success for a business can be defined as the achievement of its objectives and goals, which may include: Ultimately, success for a business is about achieving its goals while meeting the needs and expectations of […]

Financial Modeling: How a CFO Can Help Guide Your Decisions

What is Financial Modeling? Developing a comprehensive financial modeling strategy requires a thoughtful approach. The first step is determining which model type best suits the particular company and its goals. Once the appropriate model has been selected, an analysis should be done to identify critical data points and variables used. Next, historical data should be […]