Strategic CFO Services: Revenue Drivers


Three fundamental financial metrics—revenue, profit, and cash flow—play pivotal roles in determining the fate of SMBs. In this article, we’ll explore Revenue Drivers, their definitions, and how they impact the growth and sustainability of your business.

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Navigating Revenue Drivers

How can I enhance my sales figures?”

“What strategies can I employ to grow my sales by X%?”

“How can I catalyze sales growth?”

These are some recurring questions posed by small and medium-sized business owners. While these inquiries often reflect underlying confusion or frustration, they all share a common focal point—revenue. We must alter the inputs to change the outcome, i.e., revenue.

Let’s delve into four core concepts that will shed light on this matter:

Concept #1: Revenue is an Outcome

Revenue isn’t a random occurrence—it’s an outcome of specific business activities and strategies.

Concept #2: The Five Pillars of Revenue

There are five primary drivers of revenue:

  • Driver 1 – Lead GenerationA lead signifies a potential new customer. It’s essential to define what constitutes a lead in your business and start tracking it. Increasing the number of leads is the first step toward revenue growth.
  • Driver 2 – Conversion RateThis is the percentage of leads that convert into paying customers. Enhancing your conversion rate increases the number of paying customers, thereby bolstering revenue.
  • Driver 3 – Retention RateThe retention rate represents the percentage of previous customers who continue to do business with you. Increasing this rate translates into more active customers, which subsequently boosts revenue.
  • Driver 4 – Customer Purchase FrequencyThis refers to the average number of times a customer purchases from your business within a given period. By stimulating customer purchase frequency, you can propel revenue growth.
  • Driver 5 – Average Purchase ValueThis is the average amount a customer spends per transaction. By elevating the average purchase value, you can augment revenue.

Concept #3: Leveraging Drivers to Enhance Business Performance

By tracking these five drivers, you can identify opportunities for improvement within your business. For instance, you should improve your conversion rate instead of needing more leads. Or, your retention rate is dwindling, and you need to discover why to focus more on customer retention. The answers lie in your revenue drivers.

Concept #4: The Revenue Driver Formula

The revenue formula integrates all five drivers:

  • Leads x Conversion Rate = Total New Customers
  • Prior Customers x Retention Rate = Total Retained Customers
  • Total New Customers + Total Retained Customers = Total Purchasing Customers
  • Total Purchasing Customers x Customer Purchase Frequency = Total Number of Purchases
  • Total Number of Purchases x Average Purchase Value = Total Revenue


In conclusion, understanding and tracking your revenue drivers is crucial for small business owners. It provides a roadmap to revenue growth and empowers you to make data-driven decisions. With this newfound knowledge, you can confidently navigate the financial aspects of your business, setting the stage for sustainable success.

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