The Company

Our client, let’s call them Triple-A company, is a small/medium-sized business working on actively growing. They realized that growth does not happen overnight and requires assets, dedicated staff, funding, and the owners’ time.

The Challenge

As the company’s growth came with ups and downs, the Triple-A company realized that:

  1. They did not have the time to do everything themselves; and
  2. The financial decisions that came with the growth became more complex.

Triple-A company also realized that their decisions should be for the long term and that an independent financial expert like a fractional CFO would be the best choice to support the business in achieving sustainable growth.

The Goal

As the Triple-A company was already working on actively growing, they wanted to ensure they would achieve this in a sustainable, long-term focused manner. To ensure their long-term success, Triple-A company recognized that they needed professional support from an experienced individual who could work with management to secure sound financial decisions for the company. To make informed decisions, management wanted to be sure that current and future financial trends were evaluated, legal requirements were understood of the various activities and KPIs, and cash flow and budgetary data were analyzed and reported back to management to make the right decisions.

The Results

The results of a Triple-A company taking the necessary steps to ensure its long-term success were significant. By hiring us, management had insight into the current and future financial trends of the business; Triple-A company was better able to understand legal requirements, cash flow, and budgetary data. Triple-A company was confident that they were making informed decisions that were in the best interest of their business. Furthermore, Triple-A company was convinced that they were staying ahead of competitors by being enabled to make informed decisions quickly, avoiding costly mistakes that could have resulted from misjudgement or lack of experience.

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