The Company

Our client, let’s call them Development Company Z, was in business for years. Over the years, they took on several types of work and steadily grew their staff. Their bookkeeper was great but only provided a report at the end of the year.

The Challenge

As Development Company Z only received a report at the end of the year and often a few months after the start of the new year, the owner needed to be clear about which activity made a profit and which did not. The bottom line was always solid, and overhead was low, but still, the owner needed to be convinced that he was doing the right things.

The Goal

Development Company Z needed in-depth financial insights into the current and future state of the business. Detailed insight into the several activities of the companies from a financial perspective was required to determine the next steps and focus areas of the business going forward.

The Results

Besides insights into the profitability of several company activities, Development Company Z got insight and advice on the right strategies for achieving more efficient operations and strategy for achieving longer-term goals by developing and monitoring KPIs that supported the defined objectives. Ultimately, this initial analysis was able to help the business owner to get the insight he needed to make informed decisions with confidence.

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